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Human and animal safety

There are a few changes in these remarkable times. We have implemented measures to guarantee the safety of people and animals. Some of the free-roaming monkey areas are closed, and most of the feeding demonstrations are cancelled. The squirrel monkey area is closed, for example, but our zookeepers are doing everything they can to make the animals visible from various viewing points. Most of the monkeys are still visible, but you may have to look a little harder at times. To help you find them, we are giving out free monkey tracking cards!


We are issuing a limited number of cards, and you will need to reserve a day and a timeslot in advance. The same applies to Friends of Apenheul, season ticket holders and people who have already purchased a ticket. An additional benefit of the visitor limit is that, for now, the park is much quieter than usual, which makes for a fantastic day out. As always, we have a fixed walking route in place; this works to everyone's advantage, as it ensures an even distribution of visitors throughout the park.

Safety measures

Apenheul is also taking all the necessary safety measures, such as ensuring a safe distance between people and animals, and extra hygiene measures. For more information, click here.

Please keep in mind that we are only accepting payments by card in the park. We also ask that you come to the park by car or bicycle if possible.

Thank you for your cooperation in this extraordinary time, and we wish you a great day out in our beautiful park. We are ready!