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Apenheul is a beautiful, green zoo. At the park, our guests can get acquainted with about 35 different species of primate (almost 300 individual animals in total), about half of which roam freely among the visitors. The primates live in large, natural habitats which stimulate their natural behaviour and it means that you get to see the primates at their very best.

Every year, around 500,000 people experience an unforgettable day out at Apenheul. In 2016, we were even voted the best day out in the Netherlands. We are experts in the field of primates thanks to our years of experience and research.

Nature conservation fund

Apenheul is dedicated heart and soul to the primates and their natural habitat in the wild. Since 1991, we have our own Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust (APCT). We support nature conservation projects around the world to protect primates and their habitat. A percentage of the proceeds from Apenheul go towards the Apenheul Nature Conservation Fund. If you visit our park, you are automatically helping the primates in the wild too!

Conference and event location

De St@art, one of the most sustainable conference locations in the Netherlands, is located right next to Apenheul. There is also a second event location in the middle of Apenheul called ‘Kambizuri’ which overlooks Gorilla Island. We host about 300 conferences, events and family gatherings every year at these locations.

Our mission

Apenheul is a non-profit foundation. We want our visitors to feel the same love for animals and nature as we do both inside and outside the park. We work for nature conservation on a worldwide scale and operate as sustainably as possible. Our mission is therefore as follows:

The Apenheul Foundation is a charitable organisation that is committed to protecting primates and their habitats.


Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands is the patroness of Apenheul.

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