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  • Apenheul is open from March 22nd to November 10th 2024.

  • Yes, more than half of the 300 primates in Apenheul are allowed to walk among the public!

  • Yes. Monday to Sunday at 12:00 and 14:00 (Gorillas).
    Please note: there is a limited capacity. Visitors will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Yes, we issue our special "100% monkey-proof" bags at the entrance of Apenheul. 

  • Yes, you can visit Apenheul in a group throughout the year. 

    Read more about Apenheul as a venue for your meeting or event or private group visit. 

Your visit

  • You can find our most up-to-date opening times on this page.

  • We can also scan your ticket from your smartphone or tablet, so there’s no need to print it.

  • Apenheul has a large visitor car park where you can park at municipal rate. The entrances to the car park are along the Burgemeester Roosmale Nepveulaan and the J.C. Wilslaan in Apeldoorn. Please note that it’s a 10 minute walk from this car park to the entrance of Apenheul.

  • At the entrance of Park Berg & Bos (opposite the Apenheul car park) there are a limited number of wheelchairs that can be borrowed after paying a € 1.00 deposit, which will be refunded after return of the wheelchair. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a reservation for a wheelchair.

  • There are no buggies or handcarts available at Apenheul. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own buggy or handcart to our park.

  • Pets are not permitted in order to prevent risk of infection and fear responses between animals. This also applies to guide and assistance dogs. Apenheul does not offer any possibility to temporarily take care of pets brought along.

Entrance tickets

  • Yes, you can redeem Apenheul gift cards. Do not forget to reserve your date of visit with a free reservation ticket. You can reserve a reservation ticket here. Report to the visitor's centre at Apenheul with your gift card and the reservation ticket.

  • Yes, you can also scan your entrance ticket on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Previously purchased tickets have an expiry date on them. Do you already have a ticket, but it has no selected date stated on it? Choose a date within the validity of your already purchased entrance ticket and select a free reservation ticket in our webshop.

  • The tickets you bought were valid on a selected date in the 2023 season. Unfortunately, these are no longer valid in 2024.

  • Yes, please contact Ticketcounter at info@ticketcounter.nl.

  • In order to give you a unique day out, we spread the number of visitors over the week. This is why we charge different entrance prices for weekdays, weekends and holidays. These prices vary by day and time. In addition, we have different prices for children ages 3 to 12 years and adults (13+ years).

  • No, we offer day tickets (valid all day) and afternoon tickets (valid from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM).

Season ticket

  • Season ticket holders won't need to make an online reservation. You will be admitted to the park with your season ticket.

  • A passport photo is printed on each season ticket. You may choose to upload a photo to your account. Don’t have a digital passport photo? You can have your picture taken at our visitor reception and we will then print it on your season ticket.

  • Children up to 2 years old can visit Apenheul free of charge. They do not require a season ticket. Once your child is three years old, you will pay the children’s rate for him/her. If your child turns three in the ongoing season, it may be worth considering a cost-effective season ticket.

  • Discounts you receive with your Apenheul season ticket can be found on apenheul.com/season-ticket

  • Yes, you can keep your pass.

  • You can change your details as follows:

      • Log in here.
      • Please enter the email address your membership is registered on with us.
      • Create a password.
      • You will receive an automated email after creating a password. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.
      • After logging in, you can change and save your details under Account and Cardholder.
  • You can request your login details from us again.

    • Go to the login page.
    • Click on “Forgot password?”
    • Enter the email address registered with us

    We will send you your login details by email. Please note: If you enter a different email address than the one registered with us, we cannot send you your login details. In that case, please send an email to info@apenheul.nl stating your name, date of birth and the email address to which you want your account linked. We will make the necessary changes to allow you to log in.

  • It could be that we don’t have your (correct) email address. In that case you can send an email to info@apenheul.nl. Include your name, your date of birth and the email address you wish to use for your account. We will then update your account and send you the login details.

  • It’s best to copy the password from the email you received from us containing the login details. Make sure not to copy any spaces. Still not able to log in? In that case send an email to info@apenheul.nl with your question and your login details.

  • It could be that your internet browser isn’t sufficiently up to date. It is always advisable to update it in view of internet security. It is likely that the problem is then also solved. If it still remains impossible to log in, try it on https://apenheulentree.customers.ticketcounter.eu/dashboard​

  • You and your family members probably received separate accounts. We can combine you and your family members’ accounts, allowing you to do everything in one account. Please send an email to info@apenheul.nl. Include the email address you wish to use for the account and your name, the names of your family members and your dates of birth.

  • The renew button is always visible, even if you already renewed your season ticket. The name of your season ticket indicates the season for which it’s valid. Does is say ‘2024 season ticket’, for example? Then it’s valid for the entire season of 2024. In that case you don’t have to click the renew button.

  • Yes, please contact Ticketcounter at info@ticketcounter.nl.

  • You can collect your season ticket at the visitor service desk (from 22 March to 10 November 2024) with your purchase confirmation.



  • Apenheul is home to 35 primate species and more than 300 primates in total! To find out which primates live in Apenheul, take a look at our Primates-ABC.

  • The primates that live in Apenheul were nearly all born in a zoo. We cooperate with zoos worldwide and exchange animals with each other to keep the animal populations in zoos healthy. For more information, have a look at our breeding programmes page.

  • All primates are given a special primates diet that differs per species. Most primates eat a lot of vegetables, such as endive, chicory and carrots, and there are a few fervent leaf-eaters among the ranks. Callithrichids and squirrel monkeys also love nice, crunchy insects.

    Many people think that primates eat a lot of bananas, but nothing could be further from the truth. Bananas are not good for primates —they contain a relatively high amount of sugars and little fibre.

  • If primates are being moved to another zoo, we prefer to take them there by car. A caretaker usually accompanies them so that the primates see a familiar face during the journey and the first days in their new home. Moving house can be quite exciting!

  • Primates’ life expectancy varies between species. Gorillas, orangutans and bonobos can live up to 45–50 years in zoos. Squirrel monkeys live to be about 20 years old. A Golden lion tamarin is already considered very old at 14 years old.

  • No, even the animal caretakers do not pet the primates. Primates do not like being stroked or touched at all; it makes them feel threatened, so we just let the animals do their thing