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What does the APCT do?

The Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust supports various nature conservation projects around the world and, in this way, actively participates in protecting nature. These are projects that not only benefit primates and nature, but also serve the local communities. APCT helps in different ways. Sometimes we offer financial support and sometimes we exchange knowledge and manpower. Of course we also use our years of expertise to protect the primates and their habitats. Part of Apenheul’s proceeds goes towards  APCT. A visit to Apenheul means you are already contributing to this.

Part of the proceeds from Apenheul goes to the Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust. Visit Apenheul and you’re automatically contributing!

Primates as ambassadors

We see the primates at Apenheul as the 'ambassadors' of their counterparts in the wild. We are always happy to tell you about how special they are or about how they live in the wild. We hope that, by doing this, we encourage love for animals and nature in our visitors. In the end, we hope that you too will want to contribute to a more sustainable world so that these beautiful animals and nature remain with us in the future.


The ANF mainly supports projects that focus on the protection of the primates you can see at Apenheul. The Blue-eyed black lemur project in Madagascar is an example of this.

The Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust

The Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust is a foundation (just like Apenheul) and a charitable organisation (ANBI). There is a special APCT working group which consists of Apenheul’s (former) employees. They have a lot of knowledge about the animals and the projects worldwide so they are best able to select the projects that benefit the primates most. The working group is managed by APCT's Director.