Recognize yourself

At Apenheul we’re sure of it: watching primates is the best thing there is. It’s funny, educational and relatable. Because out of all animals, primates are most like humans. There’s a big chance that you recognise yourself in one of the primates at our park. Do the Primate test and discover which primate you are!

Which primate do you look like?

At Apenheul, you can discover at least 35 species of primates. They’re all different. Are you as tough and cool as a gorilla? Do you love creative (mind) games, just like an orangutan? Or do you never run out of energy, just like a squirrel monkey? Visit Apenheul and find out!

From baby to adult

Also relatable is the behaviour shown by primates and their families. Primate brothers and sisters also fight sometimes! Primates teenagers also push their (parents’) limits, and many primates go looking for a nice partner, just like humans. Did you know that primates also talk to each other? Maybe not with words, but they definitely communicate!

Fun facts

  • Out of all primates, bonobos are most like humans. Our genes are 98% the same!
  • Did you know that there are primates that – just like people – can sing? Come and listen to the gibbons.
  • Even in the best primate families there are disagreements sometimes. Fortunately they’re quick to make up. Some primates do that with a little rough and tumble, others with a spot of lovemaking.
  • Did you know that primates flea each other to maintain social contacts? It’s their way of having a chat.
  • There are four species of great apes: bonobos, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees. At the Apenheul you can spot bonobos, orangutans and gorillas.
  • Did you know that all primate babies drink at their mother’s breast? Just like humans do!