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Eating and drinking

You can enjoy a drink, fresh rolls, a hearty lunch or just a smooth cup of our own Lazy Monkey coffee on one of our cosy terraces. Would you rather sit inside? Restaurant BigFood offers this option.

  • Café Lazy Monkey 
    You can choose from a wide selection of sweet treats while your delicious cup of Lazy Monkey coffee is being freshly prepared for you – and all in a relaxed setting.
  • Restaurant BigFood
    Restaurant BigFood has a large, uncluttered terrace. There are various menus for children with a nice surprise. Besides the terrace, children can also indulge their inner monkey in the playhouse.
  • Jambo's Place
    Enjoy the view of Gorilla Island on the spacious Jambo's Place terrace. You can eat gluten-free here! Children can play to their hearts’ content in the adjacent playground with large slide.
  • Sandy's Corner
    This welcoming catering kiosk is located next to the island of the orangutans. Enjoy these special animals while enjoying a delicious ice cream or a nice drink. You can also get a grilled sandwich here. Sandy's Corner is open most weekends and holidays.
  • Mobile Stands
    You can find mobile retail stands at various places in the park from which you can buy fresh barbecue products, ice creams, drinks and other small snacks.
The coffee that we serve at our park is delicious, fair and it’s ecologically grown in the cloud forests of Peru. We also love helping people and nature!


Throughout the park you will find fun, exciting play areas which will test your skills against those of the primates. Have a go at being as agile as a spider monkey. Is your balance as good as that of a tamarin? And can you climb as well as a Barbary macaque?

  • Playhouse
    Live like a monkey at the playhouse! Climb and clamber like the primates, find your way around the exciting jungle maze or do the big primate test. In the playhouse, you see just how much like a primate you really are!
  • Large Playgrounds
    You can find Apenheul’s largest playground at Jambo's Place. At this playground, you can climb and clamber up to the highest point, and then whizz back down using the big slide. There is also a large playground near the orangutans, which is ideally suited to the daredevils among you.
  • Merry-go-round
    At the end of the park, you can find a beautiful merry-go-round, inspired by the animals of the Amazon. Hop on for a spin atop a colourful macaw, a fierce jaguar or a cheerful monkey. The merry-go-round is free for Apenheul visitors and open every day in the afternoon.
Fancy taking a monkey home with you? Sure! Why not? You’ll find an extensive range of stuffed animals and even more monkey and Apenheul souvenirs at our souvenir shop.