I do not have an entrance ticket

Buy your tickets for Apenheul easily via the "I don't have a ticket yet" button above. Children ages 2 and under have free admission, but do require an entrance ticket. We check the tickets at the entrance to our park.

I have a ticket

Did you buy a ticket for Apenheul, but there is no date on it? Then buy a free reservation ticket here with your date of visit. The reservation ticket is only valid on the chosen date and in combination with a valid entrance ticket. Both tickets are checked at the entrance of Apenheul. Children ages 2 and under have free admission, but do require an entrance ticket.

I want a ticket without a date

Want to go to Apenheul, but don't know when yet? Then book your ticket without date via the button 'Ticket without date'. This allows you to visit Apenheul once until 10 November 2024. This ticket without date is only valid in combination with a free reservation ticket, which allows you to reserve your visit date as soon as you know it. Children up to 2 years old have free entry, but do need an admission ticket.

Season tickets

There is always something to do at Apenheul and you will discover something new every visit! Order your Apenheul season ticket now and come as often as you want from March 22 through November 10, 2024.


Our online store offers additional products to make your visit to Apenheul even more enjoyable! The cool explorers bag provides everything you need to find all the monkeys. Monkey spotting becomes even more fun with this cool backpack! The bag is made of organic cotton and contains a water bottle, lanyard with magnifying glass and a map with NAAAP secret language.

You can buy Apenheul Currency online for € 30,-. You can spend this credit in the park at all restaurants, at the pop-up catering points under our own management and at our souvenir shop. When paying with the credit on this card, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchases (except stamps and books).