Visit our park until November 5, 2023

I do not have an entrance ticket

If you want to visit Apenheul and do not have an entrance ticket, you can purchase a ticket and reserve a timeslot at "I do not have an entrance ticket". The entrance ticket with date and timeslot will be checked at the entrance.

You can also purchase a timeslot ticket. This entrance ticket is valid for 1 person up to November 5th 2023. To visit Apenheul you need to book a date and a time permit later on via our webshop button "I have a ticket".

I have a ticket

If you have already purchased an entrance ticket to Apenheul (online or through another provider), you still need to reserve a free timeslot to visit our park. Choose a date before the expiry date stated on your entrance ticket. The timeslot is only valid on the selected date and time in combination with a valid entrance ticket. Both tickets will be checked at the entrance to Apenheul.

Season ticket holder

A season ticket holder does not need to reserve a timeslot to enter the park. 


Our online store offers additional products to make your visit to Apenheul even more enjoyable! The cool explorer’s bag provides everything you need to find all the monkeys. Monkey spotting becomes even more fun with this cool backpack! The bag is made of organic cotton and contains a water bottle (bottle cannot be washed in dishwasher), lanyard with magnifying glass and a map with NAAAP secret language.

You can buy Apenheul Currency online for € 30,-. At the entrance, you will receive a card with the credit you can spend at the restaurants in our park and at the Apenheul gift shop. When paying with the credit on this card, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchases (except stamps and books).