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What can you expect?

A surprising final experience with free-roaming Northern talapoins and king colobus monkeys. Neither species is free-roaming in any other zoo in the Netherlands: a unique premiere. 

We are giving the animals the time and space to get used to their new environment, the animal caretakers and each other. This means that they may not always be very visible. Can't find them? Look for them in the indoor enclosure.

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  • The primates in this area have been given a whole new indoor enclosure where you can also see them in bad weather! The indoor enclosure has large windows behind which the animals are also visible in less favourable weather conditions.
  • In addition to the free-roaming primates, you will see tortoises and native species such as kingfishers and reptiles. In order to stimulate local nature and biodiversity, a canal, a green bridge - consisting of tree stumps, stones and plants - and a kingfisher wall have been installed. Additionally, a flower meadow has been planted.
  • We have done much more. For example, exotic conifers have made way for native deciduous trees, shrubs, plants and flowers. There have been more new trees planted in this area than were removed!

Building sustainably

Apenheul exemplifies a love for animals and nature. That is why it has been built as sustainably as possible. The animal exhibits comply with the latest insights in the field of animal welfare and the functional requirements of our animal caretakers. Where possible, landscape materials have been reused such as a number of large boulders and tree stumps scattered throughout the area.

A day full of adventure

Are you coming to discover this new area soon? There is, of course, much more to experience at Apenheul. You can come face to face with free-roaming primates, spot all 35 primate species with our free primate spotter map and monkey around at our playgrounds. Are you as energetic as a squirrel monkey or as smart as an orangutan? Find out at our green nature park! Buy your entrance tickets easily in our webshop.