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Welcome to primate territory!

Fancy a day strolling around among the free-roaming primates? Then we ask you to stick to a few park rules. These rules mean you’ll be able to appreciate the primates at their best and that we’ll be able to keep the animals healthy and happy.

  • The primates at Apenheul are naturally friendly and harmless. Let them do their own thing; they won’t harm you in any way and you’ll get to see them at their best and funniest! Do not pet the monkeys or pick them up. Picking a monkey up will give it quite a fright and it might think that you want to harm it.
  • The primates get a special primate food from the animal handlers. People food, peanuts, sweets and fruit are not included in their diet. This food can make the primates very sick, so never feed the monkeys! Store your medicines, cigarettes and other drugs very carefully as they are very dangerous for the animals.
We can lend you a special ‘100% monkey-proof’ bag so you can take all your stuff safely into the park without risking a monkey intrusion.
  • Feel free to snack and eat sweets yourself, but do not do so in the areas where the primates are roaming freely.
  • The use of selfie sticks is not permitted at Apenheul. A selfie stick might be seen as a threat by the primates.

Large islands

Of course there are also primates that do not roam freely in the park, such as the gorillas and orangutans. They do not live in cages or behind bars but on large, natural islands instead. This means you can see them up close and in a natural environment. Quite the experience!

The zookeepers will tell you everything about the animals at Apenheul during the special presentations. All presentations are given in Dutch.

Gorilla feeding demonstration

Apenheul’s mission is to foster a love of animals and nature. Our zookeepers aim to convey this ​through their demonstrations. Apenheul’s gorilla feeding demonstration is a highlight of the visit for many visitors. The demonstration was selected as the Best Animal Demonstration in the Netherlands and Belgium at the Diamond Theme Park Awards last year.

Every day at 12.00 and 14.00.  Please note: there is a limited capacity. Visitors will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.