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Gorillas have been living at Apenheul since 1976. Back then, the gorilla enclosure was revolutionary! After 50 years, the building and the islands are in need of renovation to continue to house these fascinating great apes for the next 50 years. As experts, we want to be able to house multiple gorilla groups separated from each other. Time for a major renovation! Gorillavallei will allow us to further develop our expertise in the field of gorillas and make an important contribution to the knowledge and conservation of this species worldwide.

This is how Apenheul helps gorillas in the wild

Apenheul actively contributes to nature and species conservation worldwide. For example, we support an important research project on Western lowland gorillas in Congo. We also do a lot of research into the behaviour of gorillas in our park. In collaboration with universities, we are gaining more and more insight, which helps us to better understand the species, contribute to their welfare and better protect them in the wild.

Will you help?

Our ambition is to open the Gorillavallei in 2028. This requires a lot of money. Apenheul is a non-profit foundation and does not receive any subsidies. We have been saving for several years to implement these grand plans, but we cannot do it without your help! Will you help make Gorillavallei a reality?

Please help and donate your contribution using the form below. Thank you on behalf of the gorillas!

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Support gorillas and sponsor


New habitat for the gorillas at Apenheul


After 50 years, renewal is necessary. We also need a sustainable accommodation where we can house multiple gorilla groups.

How much money is needed?

A lot! We want the best for the gorillas and think we need at least 4 million euros

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