Aping activities in the park

There are crazy aping assignments along the route throughout the season to find out which primate you resemble most. Can you jump as far as a sifaka? Are you as clever as an orangutan? Eight signs throughout the park provide fun imitation assignments devised by NAAAP, the crazy new creature that moved into Apenheul this year. He loves primates and loves imitating them as much as he can. NAAAP also loves showing children how much fun primates are. Our scavenger hunt map, which you can pick up just after the ticket check, shows the locations of the signs along the route. Let’s start imitating!

Apenheul organises extra activities for children during the May, summer and autumn holidays.

Have you found NAAAP's code word?

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Primate test

What kind of primate are you? Are you as tough as a gorilla or as clever as an orangutan? NAAAP cannot choose and wants to be them all. That’s why he’s aping them! Take the Primate Test and find out which primate you most resemble!