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Many primates in the wild are threatened with extinction. Nature, their habitat, is under great pressure. But people need nature too! That is why we encourage all Apenheul guests to be more aware of how they deal with nature. How? By setting a good example!

What does Apenheul do?

Sustainable business is in our genes. We are working hard to build a better world both inside and outside the Netherlands. We do 'standard' things, such as separating waste and saving water and energy. Of course we also use green electricity, green gas and sustainable LED lighting too. But we also go one step further:

  • We use rainwater for the toilets
  • Our staff car park is covered by solar panels
Our carpeting is made from recycled car tyres and jeans.
  • We serve coffee made by our sustainable, yellow-tailed woolly monkey project in Peru.
  • We use as many sustainable building materials as possible, such as FSC wood.
  • The floor covering in our conference and event venue ‘De St@art’ is made from recycled car tyres and jeans.
  • Where possible, we use organic, fair trade and animal-friendly (catering) products.
  • We work on nature conservation worldwide with the Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust.

Always one more Step to take

Sustainable entrepreneurship is an ongoing challenge. We are always taking steps towards a better world – sometimes big steps, and sometimes small. In 2018, we replaced all plastic cups in our children's menus with cups made of bamboo. By doing this, we hope to make Apenheul (and the world around us!) a bit more sustainable again.