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Apenheul has been the best day out with free-roaming primates for 50 years! Enjoy a unique experience amidst over 300 primates in our beautiful green park in the Veluwe. A day of primate watching is more than just fun; it is educational and can sometimes even feel familiar. After all, primates are closely related to us human beings. Learn more about the primates and yourself during your visit. Are you clever like an orangutan? Are you as energetic as a squirrel monkey? Recognise yourself in one of the more than 35 primate species at Apenheul! Our unique primate park always has a surprise in store for you. Climb and clamber like a primate in one of the many playgrounds, walk past the largest insect hotel in the world, visit the animal presentations given by the zookeepers and watch gorilla cub Kiango grow up.

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Recognise yourself
Recognise yourself

Recognise yourself

At Apenheul we’re sure of it: watching primates is the best thing there is. It’s funny, educational and relatable. Because out of all animals, primates are most like humans. There’s a big chance that you recognise yourself in one of the primates at our park.

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Primate Conservation Trust

At Apenheul, you get to meet many different species of primate. Unfortunately, many of their counterparts in the wild are not doing so well. Their habitat is disappearing and they are being hunted. In 1994, we established the Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust (APCT). With this fund, we support nature conservation projects to protect primates and their habitats in the wild.

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